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Making David Wondrich & Jerry Thomas’s eggnog in the snow

I love eggnog.

As soon as the weather starts getting cold, I’m reaching for my eggs, cream, rum, and whiskey. In this video, I take you outside to mix up your own eggnog for one. Many recipes are for a whole batch with a dozen eggs or more – those are great too! But with this recipe, you can make yourself a glass as needed. I prefer mine with cream over milk, so I use it in this recipe.

Use whatever whiskey or brandy you prefer.  I tend to like a easy drinking bourbon like Elijah Craig, Evan Williams, or Rebel Yell.  In this video I used a Canadian rye whiskey, which was delicious, but if I’m in the mood, a smoky scotch like Highland Park is great here too.  Brandy is always nice.

For the rum, I definitely like an aged rum like Zaya better than a silver because of the complexity and vanilla notes that come from the barrel aging process.

Sometimes, I will even switch the proportions of rum to whiskey/brandy.  There is a lot of room here for customization.  And since you don’t have to make a big batch, you can dial in your preferences and make what you like!

Music by Iain Ballamy:

Equipment used:

This is based on Jerry Thomas’s recipe via David Wondrich. David has an excellent video here on YouTube that you should also watch.  I’m standing on the shoulders of giants.

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