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VIDEO: Improve Store Bought Pies

Happy Thanksgiving!  After the feast, I was still in the mood for pie, so I picked one up from the local store.  When I cut into it, I was disappointed by how undercooked it was. I was determined to improve this store bought pie.

Easy way to level-up pie from the store

So what do you do when it’s undercooked?  Do you just accept it and eat it as is?Heck no!  Throw it in the oven!

I cranked the oven to 450F /232 C and popped it in for 15 minutes and it was way better!

Just because the store plays it safe doesn’t mean that you have to

The store is not going to take risks and make flavors bold.  You’re in control of what you eat and you don’t have to accept the status quo.  It can be easy to forget that it doesn’t take that much effort to quickly level-up your pie.  Just give it a quick toast and you’re off to the races!

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