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VIDEO: Smoked Sous vide Thanksgiving Turkey Roulade and Breasts

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Happy Thanksgiving!  For our celebration this year, we combined a few techniques to make the best turkey we’ve ever had! We love trying new techniques and found the turkey roulade to be one that we’re going to keep going back to.

First the turkey roulade

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  It’s just about food, family, and friends.  What could be better?  I love the turkey and all the side dishes.  Pie is my favorite dessert…what’s not to love?

When I grew up, the turkey legs were always the parts that got leftover.  And I get why.  They’re sinewy and have all those little tendons and bones.  I love them for their flavor, fat, and always moist meat. But there has to be a way to make them easier to eat. Enter the roulade.

Roulade? What’s a roulade? Don’t feel bad, I didn’t know what it was either.  It is simply food served in a roll, typically meat.  In this case, we’re taking those legs, deboning them completely, sandwiching them together and making our own roll.  That makes it way easier to slice and serve…and a whole lot more pretty.

Sous vide, then smoke that bird

I’ve always been a fan of a hot smoked turkey (smoked at around 350-400F/175-205C) with its crispy mahogany skin and delicious flavor.  But since we were juggling 3 turkeys this year, we wanted to streamline things with sous vide and ensure that it was cooked through perfectly.  We butchered our turkey, separating the breasts and making our roulade with the legs, then we cooked it through completely with sous vide and then finished on the smoker.  The  smoker gave it that “last kiss” to infuse a nice flavor and crisp up the skin.

The end result was fantastic.  The roulade was the first thing to get eaten up and our guests loved it!

Check out our video of the whole process:

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