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About our recipe ratings

At Explorers Kitchen, we’re all about exploration – that’s why we took on the name!  That means that in the quest for new recipes, we’ll love some more than others and so we created our rating system.  Everything is out of 5 stars.  There will be some winners, there will be some duds, but the ratings have nothing to to with the country or culture the dish came from.  If you have a better recipe for something we didn’t like, let us know and we’ll take another run at it!

Anyway, here’s how it works:

PJ Rating How much did Patrick like this recipe?
PJ Make Again? How likely would Patrick  be to make this again?
JJ Rating How much did Jillian like this recipe?
JJ Make Again? How likely would Jillian be to make this again?
Time How much time is required to cook this?  Higher scores are awarded for faster recipes.  Also, lower active time boosts this score
Difficulty How hard is it to make?  Higher scores for easier recipes.  Fewer steps boost this score.

We include both of our scores because Patrick likes just about everything and Jillian is a much more picky eater.  Give Patrick all the spicy, bitter, and bold flavors!  Jill wants the rich, comforting, and creamy flavors.  We’re two different people and will reflect that in our scores.

From there, we average it up, add a little magic and that becomes our overall score.


We want to see how you like the recipes too! Give us your rating when you try it!

Patrick Jaszewski

Culinary Tyrannosaurus, passport stamp collector, home cook, pilot, strength enthusiast, bilingual, coffee roaster, former homebrewer. Committed to DIY ethic. Minnesota native transplanted in Pennsylvania. Thunderbird MBA Alumni and Golden Gopher. Undyingly positive and open minded. Drives Jill crazy by questioning everything.

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